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My name is Janine Romijn, I happen to have cerebral palsy since birth (1966) and I'm a LUCY user since 1980. LUCY is an alternative keyboard to operate a computer, printer or communication device. Using my hands isn't easy for me, so I prefer doing as much as I can, using my head. Because of LUCY I did get a job as technical engineer. After almost 10 years I did quit that job in February 1997. Why? Well I couldn't stand the fact that LUCY was/is still so unknown to possible users and their therapists. So I started HEADLIGHT, to try to reach people with disabilities and let them share the pleasure of operating the computer the easy way. Working with LUCY is very comfortable, easy and can be very fast. Even with my poor head-control I can type 60 keys per minute. There are people with have good head-control that reaches a speed of 120 key per minute. You can operate it sitting up or lying down everything possible.

My motto is :    If you can't use your hands, be smart, use your head!

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