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Lucy Cameleon CV

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The CAMELEON CV is a product by Cambridge Adaptive Communication, HEADLIGHT only does promotion. The following text is written by Cambridge Adaptive Communication too. If you have any questions about the CAMELEON CV you can always e-mail me at informatie@headlight.nl

What is the CAMELEON CV?  

The Cameleon CV is a brand new product for the ambulatory disabled. It is our most powerful AAC system yet. Ergonomically designed for ease of use and carriage, the Cameleon CV comes with features specifically chosen to facilitate communication.
The Cameleon CV is a light, rugged portable PC, with a colour TFT display, built in 16-bit synthesiser and multiple access methods. The Cameleon CV offers exceptional battery life in a lightweight functional unit.  Every Cameleon CV system comes pre-installed with your requested software, one years warranty and includes one of our training packages. If the optional wheelchair mounting kit is ordered, we will mount this for you. Free further assistance is available if you come to our offices, or you may choose to purchase on-site training, or to attend one of our training courses.


The Cameleon CV has multiple methods of access available, including the facility to use switches, a joystick, a trackball or an adapted mouse, an adaptive or concept keyboard, voice recognition or the built-in touch screen, as well as, obviously, a standard mouse or keyboard.


The standard Cameleon CV comes with Windows ‘95 pre-loaded, and with the option of Laureate, a UK English voice synthesis package developed by British Telecommunication. Along with a range of augmentative communication software we can also make available for symbol users the Chailey (Rebus) and Ingfield (PCS) dynamic communication strategies.  However, you may choose to purchase the software of your choice. We can, for instance, install programmes for voice recognition or augmentative communication. Standard software packages for Internet access, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, or communication are also available.   


Pentium 133Mh
40Mb RAM (72Mb Max) 
1.44GB hard disk (Min) 
6.5" TFT colour display 
Built-in touch screen 
Printer port 
2 serial ports 
PS/2 keyboard port 
PS/2 mouse port 
Games port 
External VGA monitor port 
External microphone and speaker sockets  16 bit Yamaha sound system  Internal stereo speakers  Cherry G84 keyboard  Logitech 3 button mouse  Mains power supply and charger  MS-Windows ‘95  PCMCIA slot for 1 type 3 card  Hard carry case  External Items  3.5" 1.44Mb Disk Drive


Colour monitor 
Wheelchair mounting kit
External battery pack and charger
Environmental control
External CD-ROM  External FAX/Modem 
Soft carry pouch 
Various AAC programs 
Chailey Communication System (CCS) 
Ingfield Dynamic Vocabulary 
Size: 280(max.) x 165(max.) x 58(max.) mm 
Weight: 2.5 Kg (Approx)